Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foodie + science geek = heaven at the Exploratorium!

This is SOOOOO neat!!

I love cooking, and I love eating, and I luuurrrrvvve science!! vegan cooking (experimenting) is really a science. Learning to replace animal-derived ingredients is not just a flavor thing, let me tell you.

Most people who enjoy cooking will tell you that it is aallllll chemistry. I REALLY liked chemistry in high school, probably because my teacher was a burned-out hippie with big white hair, and a rainbow lab coat. On the first day of class he wrote "ACID" and "BASE" on the white board and asked us to respond with things that we thought of when seeing these two words. Us  10th graders said "Milk," "Litmus test!!" "pH balance!!!" and he responded with, "Hasn't anyone ever heard of dropping acid? Come on!"

The next time I thought of chemistry was when I saw it as an option on the GE requirements list. MUCH to my surprise, all of the chem classes were full. (I really thought I was the only Nerdy McGeekPants obsessed with plating pennies...) SO, I took three geology courses (because my other secret passion is rocks...) and learned a WHOLE lot about the state of California. Now road trips are rich with descriptions of the formation of all mountains and fault lines in sight. My favorites/ones I always drive over are San Andreas Fault and Bay Area Fault lines. And of course my OBSESSSION with liquefaction:  What happens when you build land on water?
Geology Rocks. We did sooo many experiments with food! including one with oreos... subducting convergent boundaries, where we would take one cookie off and try to scrape the frosting away to imitate the accretionary wedge. (snarf.)

The point:  I always get there eventually!
At San Francisco's Academy of Science Exploratorium there are exiting events for geeks of all ages! But, for the sake of this post/blog, there is an event coming up called Gastronomy in San Francisco which is literally the science of food! I REAAALLLY want to go! Who wants to join me?

and i'm totally making these oreo sugar cookies when I get home! 

Wow, tangential tendencies!!!

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