Monday, January 14, 2013

Starting Over

It's that time again. January.

Everyone I know is starting the new year over. Whether it was full of good things to continue, or bad ones to let go. Time to start anew, without judgement, because we all are.

Instead of resolutions, I am taking a cue from my day job, and setting intentions:

    • That was #1
  • Finish what I start.
    •  SO many unfinished sewing/crafting projects!
    • Life gets in the way, which is awesome.  
  • Chase my dreams. 
    • Maybe not chase, but reach and take steps to get closer.
  • Take smaller steps, bites, whatever. 
    • Live like a student with a spongy, open brain. 
  • Choose love over anger, hate, ignorance. 
    • We are all just trying to get by, a little niceness never hurt anyone. 

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