Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Love for Anthro is Ever-Increasing!

So, Anthropologie is a great store for becoming inspired. Its usually very expensive, but once in a while they have spectacular sales. What I love most is the atmosphere and store design, and that they have a companion website for showcasing artists!

The artist that caught my eye on the companion site was Foster Huntington.  The Anthropologist: Foster Huntington.

I am still unpacking boxes, a month after moving, and finding everything I've kept since probably the 6th grade. I found a junk drawer that went with me my to my first year of college (7 years ago). I pulled out the important things, like keys and sunglasses, and dumped all the knick-knacks, old gum, keychains, and hair product samples in the garbage. All of this feels great to get rid of, but I kept it all because I thought it would be a lovely contribution to a future art project. EVERYTHING is about art projects.  Snort.

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