Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Potato cookie CRACK

So, I love sweet potatoes... and I love cookies.

bam. CRACK.

I used this recipe, but I used all the rice flour I had left and added bob's red mill GF Biscuit mix. I don't like any of the bean-based flours, they taste green. I don't know how to describe it in any other way, but my grandma used that terminology when roasting peanuts. Raw. It tastes undone. Anyway, Rice flour IS actually awesome and fluffs up nicely. As long as garbanzo or fava bean flour is a small amount of the mixed flours, it should be fine. 

I also used vegetable shortening instead of butter/coconut oil, and agave nectar instead of sugar. I added agave after I pulsed the dry ingredients and added the shortening, to gauge how moist the dough was getting. 

And by moist, I mean, crumbly like the recipe says. I'm amazed the dough worked, and I'm also amazed I didn't burn them, since I've burned everything I've made the past few days, thanks to TRUEBLOOD.
It gets super sticky, so I may have used 1-2 Tblsp, rather than the 3-4 Tblsp of fine sugar.  

No, they aren't too sweet, but they do the trick. And I'm still going to eat them all in one day.


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