Monday, January 28, 2013

all things cheese. nut cheese?

HAHAHAAH, that sounds gross. (I'm still laughing)

We are getting ready to move and my cookbooks have all been packed. LAME. So, I'm trying to find my favorite recipes online....Which are not showing themselves--well at lease the specific one i'm looking for.  Gravy that tastes like Ikea's swedish meatball sauce!

However I found a website that shows some of my fave vegan cookbooks, pictures of the completed recipes, and reviews--but no gravy. I'll keep searching but I guess I'll have to wait to cook in the new kitchen... when we find it.

Of the recipes on this tease-site I look forward to trying the pimento and tempeh cheeseball for the superbowl!

I also want to try to make Chloe Coscarelli's  spinach artichoke dip. I hope it's different than the other recipes I've followed, because it may as well be made with real cheese for all the flatulence that ensues.

Have a lovely, Cheesus-filled day!

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