Monday, March 4, 2013

Procrasti-blogging and procrasti-waffles!

To Do: 

(before I mentally prioritized... because I couldn't get out of bed to get my planner)
1. Eat 
2. Go to Yoga
3. Set up Etsy page
4. Send things to friends in the snail mail. 
5. Empty storage unit for preparation to move. 
6. Choreograph like, a whole song.
7. Pick age-appropriate songs for teaching.

After mental urgent vs. important discussion and lots of facebooking/twittering/instagramming/pintrest-ing:

(in that order and then back and forth for the next 1.5hrs)

"Don't try to do it all today, you weren't really scheduled to be anywhere all week, after all..."
Age-old time-management punnet square.

Pick something to do that is due soon, i.e. urgent. 

1.Eat, Make yummy waffles (get sidetracked and write blog about getting sidetracked and making yummy waffles)
2. Dance stuff, because it's due way sooner than any of the other things on the list.

leave for tomorrow:
1. Eat, it'll make everything easier to do and plan...
2. Yoga, better timing than today. You're going to dance tonight anyway!
3. Empty storage unit, that's gotta happen sooner than etsy-ing. 


Anyway, I've been obsessed with this waffle topping amazingness all weekend. When I find something I like, I eat it a lot!

Easy energy-health packed waffles
 2 Van's Gluten-free, everything free Waffles
1-2 Tblsp Laura Scudders Peanut butter (nothin' but peanuts!)
1-2 Tblsp Maple syrup (the nice kind my mom buys when she's staying here, because it doesn't have all sorts of gross fillers)

 and an optional assortment of fruit. my go to in the AM is a banananaaa!

bake waffles.
spread pb on waffles, just enough to fill some of the holes, not too much, gets real aaron burr real fast.
drizzle maple syrup

Oh, and now I'm going to go make those waffles, and freakin' eat them!

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